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Demoted Glendale assistant police chief to be reinstated

Greg Dominguez Greg Dominguez

The Glendale assistant police chief is getting his job back, after being demoted for threatening a smoke shop clerk.

Glendale's new city manager, Brenda Fischer, has reinstated Greg Dominguez to his position as assistant police chief.

Fischer, who started with the city on July 22, said she decided to accept the board's recommendation to reinstate Dominguez. However, she decided to modify his suspension from 40 hours to 80 hours without pay. [Read Fischer's letter to Dominguez on his reinstatement (PDF)]

Dominguez was originally demoted to commander, and given a 40-hour suspension for violating policy. The discipline stems from his off-duty behavior during what he said was a family crisis. [Read Glendale police's internal investigation (PDF)]

Dominguez said his 17-year-old struggled with addiction to spice.

In May, Dominguez was disciplined after he admitted to threatening the clerk of a smoke shop, and threatening to burn the place down, if they didn't stop selling spice to his son.

Dominguez, a 27-year veteran of the Glendale Police Department, told CBS 5 News in an exclusive interview last month, that he knew his actions reflected negatively on the department and he did deserve discipline, but not to the severity of demotion and 40 hours off without pay.

Dominguez appealed his discipline to Glendale's Personnel Board. After a hearing in which both sides presented testimony, the board determined the actions of Dominguez did not justify the discipline. The Board voted 3-1 to recommend the demotion be overturned. But the board voted to recommend the 40-hour suspension stand.

Fischer released the following statement:

"As City Manager, I fully respect and support the decision made by Police Chief Black regarding the discipline of Greg Dominguez for his behavior. I support and encourage Chief Black to continue holding our entire Glendale police force to the highest standards for performance and integrity. Behavior that is unbecoming of an officer, or that erodes the public's confidence in our operations, will not be tolerated. Our citizens and the public deserve nothing less. Through the City's due process procedures, Mr. Dominguez appealed his discipline to the Personnel Board. The Board voted in favor of reinstating Dominguez to his rank of Assistant Police Chief. I accept their recommendation to reinstate him to the rank. However, due to the severity of his admitted actions, I have also directed that he receive another 40 hours of non-paid leave as additional discipline.

"Going forward, I have total confidence in Chief Black and our entire Glendale police force. Appropriate action has been taken in this matter and I expect no further incidents of this nature.

"The specific dates of his reinstatement and the dates of his additional unpaid leave will be coordinated by Chief Black, Mr. Dominguez, and the Human Resources Department."

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