Consumer Tips for Dealing with Power Outages

  • Stay away from all downed lines. Warn others to do the same and contact Alabama Power (1-800-888-2726) or a local law enforcement agency.
  • Wait a reasonable time before calling Alabama Power if your entire neighborhood is without power. Extra calls jam switchboards and slow repairs. Please make only one call.
  • Keep freezer doors closed and sealed. Well-filled freezers keep most foods frozen two to three days if the door is kept closed.
  • Do not connect portable generators to your household electrical wiring. This can cause serious injury to you and to Alabama Power employees working on the lines in your neighborhood. Connect only essential appliances – such as freezers and refrigerators – directly to the generator.
  • Turn off large appliances and air conditioners and wait 10 to 15 minutes after power has been restored before turning them back on.
  • If there is damage to your meter box or the pole on top of your meter box, you must first have an electrician make repairs before Alabama Power can restore your service.
  • If there is flooding in your home or business, Alabama Power may be unable to restore electric service until the building is inspected by city or county code officials.
  • Charge cell phones, pagers and other electronic devices before the storm hits.
  • Wash all your clothes and dishes.
  • Please be patient. Alabama Power crews will work as fast as safety allows. Before neighborhood lines can be worked on, Alabama Power crews must first repair larger lines that bring power to neighborhoods.
  • After that, power is restored on a systematic basis. We take into consideration places where the largest amounts of customers connected to any given substation can be restored in the smallest amount of time (hub and spoke).

Information Provided by Alabama Power