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Judge dismisses Mike Leach case


Scott McLaughlin, attorney for Spaeth Communications, has confirmed that District Court Judge Bill Sowder has dismissed the defamation case brought by Mike Leach against ESPN, Craig James, and Spaeth Communications.

Leach was terminated from Texas Tech after an investigation into allegations that he mistreated Adam James, a student athlete who had suffered a concussion. Leach sued Spaeth Communications, the cable television network ESPN, and former ESPN college football analyst Craig James, alleging claims for "defamation, tortious interference and conspiracy."

Sowder made the decision on Aug. 6. Leach still has the option to appeal.

Claims that Leach made against Texas Tech were also dismissed back in February, ending that case altogether. Leach elected not to appeal at the time of that judgment, so no further appeal is possible.

This wraps up all outstanding cases brought by Mike Leach.

McLaughlin provided this statement on Thursday:

"Spaeth Communications – and the other defendants for that matter – won summary judgment because the truth made its way into the record. Spaeth has always taken the position that it would not try this case in the media, being fully confident in the Lubbock County judicial system. Spaeth's confidence was obviously justified and our entire law firm is very happy for Merrie and her colleagues."


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