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Back to school luau connects adopting parents with older adoptees


The Department of Social Services held a big back to school event Monday afternoon, but it wasn't to give away backpacks or school supplies. Instead, it gave many kids the chance to find a place to call home.

You could say Debbie and Scott Perry are living the life, but they're looking for someone else to make it even better.

About 3 years ago, the couple adopted Kylie. Now they're ready to step out on faith and adopt again.

"Let the children know that there are families out there that do want them," said Debbie.

That's where DSS steps in, but not in the normal fashion. The department organized a back to school luau, inviting legally-free children to meet families who want to adopt older kids.

When 14-year-old Sangria was younger, she wouldn't let herself think about adoption, but seeing other kids find their forever family changed her mind.

"When I started seeing more and more kids starting to do it. Like they was excited about I want to find me an adoptive home, I was like I do too," said Sangria.

Now the outgoing teenager who loves basketball and reading wants a place to really call home.

"Knowing I can be loved and that I can be a part of something," said Sangria.

That's what the Perrys gave Kylie. She was born with tubes and wires and only given a 50 percent chance to live.

"Now she's walking and talking and they said she'd probably never sit up, so the difference that love can make in a child's life is just amazing," said Scott.

Their heart's desire is to give Kylie an older sister. The Perrys admit being an adoptive parent isn't for everyone, but it is the most rewarding experience you will ever have.

"Just hearing her say mommy, I never thought I would hear her say that," said Debbie. "It's just amazing, you know, I go to get her in the morning and she says mommy and it melts my heart every single time."

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