Wet, Scared, and Hungry

In the midst of a hurricane a little hope was born, literally.

A couple in Snowdown found more than they bargained for while surveying damage around their neighborhood Thursday afternoon.

Woody and Melissa Goode found a 2-week old doe on the side of road - wet, scared, and hungry. It was only natural for the couple to take in the animal.

They already have a couple of dogs, some horses and a llama. But Woody will admit he's never run across a stray deer before.

"This has been the highlight of the storm and has kind of given us a major distraction and not having to think about what's coming down with the wind and the rain. We've kinda been just focusing on her," says Woody.

The Goodes haven't decided if they'll keep the fawn and they also haven't come up with a name yet. That's where you can help. We've narrowed the names down from the names submitted to the five most frequently mentioned.  You can now vote in the poll below.  The name will be released in a special show later this week.