Editorial: "Must Get it Right"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The hiring of the right person as the leader of any organization is one of the most important decisions made.  Whether it's a CEO for a company, a head football coach or a school principal – the right decision can make for a bright future and the wrong decision can send an organization spiraling out of control.

As we are well aware after the early exit of ASU's most recent President, this decision is upon them and they are working through candidates as we speak.  We were pleased to hear that the "net" has been cast wide and the future president doesn't necessarily have to come from the world of academia.

Only having experience as a CEO or a high ranking official from the military or government will not prevent a candidate from being seriously considered. What does matter is that they can lead, execute, vision for the future, empower and motivate.

The pressure is on as ASU must get it right this time around on this all important leadership hire.  The students, faculty, alumni and the university itself can ill afford another misstep. We encourage the search community to use appropriate amount of time be used to fully vet all top candidates and be inclusive in the process and are hopeful the right leader will emerge and be hired - best of luck.

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