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Leaders raise concerns about gun law prior to posting signs


It won't be long before "No Firearms" signs don the doors of every public city building.

"I believe you're gonna see that become a quite common sight not just in Montgomery but throughout the state," says Montgomery Police Chief, Kevin Murphy.

He has talked with business owners, too.

"All of the people I've spoken to don't want weapons and guns in their businesses," adds Murphy.

The law saw heavy opposition during the past legislative session mostly from law enforcement and private business owners.

Chief Murphy understands "we have an open carry law. We are an open carry state. But the fact is, that makes people uncomfortable," adds Murphy.

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange is ready to put up the signs, but he still has concerns about how to enforce them.

"It certainly needs to be clarified because at this juncture there's no guidance as to what you do from a criminal standpoint or a civil standpoint if someone did in fact come."

The law states if someone comes on property with a gun, where guns aren't allowed, they could be arrested for trespassing.

Strange hopes the legislature will address what he calls a vague law.

"We certainly have had conversations with our own legislative delegation as well as the Governor and the Governor's Chief of Staff."

Mayor Strange says he has already talked with residents who are concerned, saying they have seen people openly carrying guns in retail stores.

He believes the law could have an adverse affect on business. If people feel uncomfortable he thinks they'll leave a store without buying anything.

Lawmakers say the original intent of the law was to expand gun rights and loosen gun restrictions.

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