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Schools systems prepare for first day by posting 'No Gun' signs


With the new year comes new security signage in many school systems.

While teachers and administrators prepare their classrooms, security officers are preparing entry ways in response to a new law that relaxes Alabama gun restrictions.

There's one thing teacher Beverly Maryland enjoys most about the first day of school.

"Always those big eyed kids, they're all curious about what's gonna happen and meeting new classmates and learning their teachers."

She knows they're nervous, which is why she goes out of her way "to make them feel at ease. You're to make them feel comfortable. Let them know that they're gonna be safe, and that they're gonna learn a lot."

Maryland teaches 1st grade reading at Montgomery's Brewbaker Primary school.

She started getting her classroom ready roughly three months ago.

"I just figured getting an early start so that I won't be rushed," says Maryland.

As she makes last minute changes in her classroom, school officials make last minute additions as well.

"We have taken it upon ourselves to put together a sign that we can have on all of our campuses," says Elmore County Schools' Superintendent Jeff Langham. 

Elmore County and Montgomery County officials are putting up signs stating 'No Firearms' allowed.

It's in response to the state's new gun law which loosens gun restrictions.  But educators aren't' too thrilled about it.

"It's a little discouraging to think that one of the very first things that our students and parents will see on Monday morning when they show up is this sign there to greet them."

Most school systems already prohibit weapons on campus, but administrators say since the new law expands gun rights "that can cause some conflicts in interpretation, possibly. And several of the aspects of the law as we read it are kind-of murky."

Montgomery city officials are asking for more clarification from local lawmakers as to what this law truly entails as are Elmore County school administrators. For now, the signs are going up on school doors, government-owned buildings and private businesses.

The new gun law states if someone openly carries a gun onto property where it is deemed prohibited, that person can be arrested for trespassing.

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