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WSFA "Football Fever" Kickoff Blood hailed a success!


WSFA 12 News asked, and many of you answered the call to give blood at our annual "Football Fever" Kickoff blood drive! Thanks to you, enough blood was donated to potentially save 183 lives!

The summer is generally associated with vacation, recreation and relaxation. But for those who find themselves in need of blood due to accidents, natural disasters or the need for surgery, summer can also be a time of uncertainty, as blood stocks are generally low during the season in which they are most needed.

Volunteer blood donors came out to Eastdale Mall Thursday and Friday where they rolled up their sleeves for the good cause!

"The summer may be coming to an end, but the work of the Red Cross is far from over," said Mark Beddingfield, CEO of the Red Cross Alabama and Central Gulf Coast Blood Services Region. "As you make plans for this Labor Day holiday, please also make time to give blood and help patients who depend on your lifesaving donation."

"Patients in local hospitals often can't take a break to enjoy the holiday," Beddingfield said. "But blood and platelet donors can give these patients a chance to enjoy this time with family and friends – simply by rolling up a sleeve."

Because blood can be separated into three components – blood, platelets and plasma – one donation can benefit up to three individuals. Because it takes up to three days for blood to be processed and made available to hospitals, it is important that a donation be made ahead of an emergency. If everyone who was eligible would donate four times a year, there would never be a blood shortage.

To make an appointment, please visit and enter your zip code.

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