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Five vehicles broken into in E. Montgomery Monday and no alarms were tripped


Several East Montgomery residents got a very rude awakening Monday morning. Thieves broke into their vehicles. The oddest part? The suspects didn't set off a single car alarm or leave a trace behind.

It only took a matter of seconds before Machion Sanders realized what had happened.

The crimes happened on Overview Street in the Park Lake subdivision of East Montgomery. Sanders initially thought his wife used his vehicle.

"I asked my wife, "Hey, have you gone in my car and looked for anything?" and she said "No"," Sanders explained. "And so that's when I immediately went to the back of my car where I had an audio system. And that was gone."

Sanders says he also had a few pairs of sunglasses stolen from his SUV.

The suspects didn't leave behind any visible damage. The alarms never sounded in the five vehicles that were broken into.

Police say their investigation shows the owners left their vehicles unlocked, but Sanders claims that was not the case with him, and he's beginning to wonder if what's happening in Long Beach, California has started to happen here. Thieves are using a mysterious hand-held scanner device to gain access to vehicles.

Sanders says he texted several of his neighbors who came outside to check their vehicles. Several reported their cars had also been broken into and items like laptops and even school shoes were taken.

Montgomery police say for now they have no evidence such a device was used, and so far no one's been arrested in connection with the cases.

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