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September 18, 10:50 p.m.

Governor Tours Devastation in South Alabama

View from Governor's helicopter View from Governor's helicopter
Gov. Riley talks to local officials Gov. Riley talks to local officials

Sunday, President George W. Bush is expected to survey the damage in Alabama left behind by Hurricane Ivan. Governor Bob Riley got an earlier look at the destruction during a helicopter tour Saturday.

From the air, the governor says the devastation is clear. "We just flew over Atmore a moment ago and we didn't see a house or a barn or a church that didn't have some damage." The governor says the damage in different areas have different levels of severity.

But he is encouraged by another sigh he's seen -- neighbor helping neighbor. "As you fly over, you see everyone out with chainsaws," he says. "They're burning trash. They're cleaning roads. Working together."

On the ground, however not everybody had that warm and fuzzy feeling. In one city where the governor stopped, city officials became angry because they say the state hadn't provided them with the power generators they needed. The governor says, with so many generators already in Florida, there just aren't enough to go around.

About 50 generators were being shipped out from Maxwell Air Force Base Saturday. But state officials say other than that, cities are advised to do the best they can.

The state has plenty of ice and water -- other commodities in high demand. Truck loads of ice and water are being shipped across the state. The governor says in areas without power, many people don't have water because their pumps are powered by electricity.

Governor Riley told the crowds of people he spoke with Saturday that it may be hard to imagine now, but eventually, Hurricane Ivan will be just a memory. "Alabama is fighting back right now," he says. "You give us two or three days and it's going to look a lot better than it looks today."

Reporter: Mark Bullock

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