Editorials: "Disappointed"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Disappointed, that's the feeling I had after reading the report from the State of Alabama Department of Education regarding the Montgomery Public School System. The report had 6 areas of concern, each representing an issue troubling enough that on its own would have been grounds for immediate action. But, it wasn't just one issue … and it wasn't just one school … and wasn't just one teacher or administrator and most disappointing – it wasn't just one student.

There are times when excuses are applicable – this is not one of them.  The lack of institutional control, lack of proper checks and balances, and poor training is unlike anything I've ever seen.  As pointed out in the report's findings and I quote, "The violations and deficiencies identified are so widespread as to indicate that an institutional mindset exists with certain schools in the Montgomery Public School System that place paramount importance on advancing students without sufficient regard to actually satisfying the State of Alabama Department of Education course of study requirements, improving students' education, and preparing the students for college or a career." 

So, the bottom line is this, things must change and they MUST change now.  Passing students not ready or prepared for the future sets the student up for failure for their entire life. It also gives a false reading on the progress of the Montgomery Public School system. Plus, for the people responsible, you are putting the future of our state at risk by passing along students who are not prepared to help our state grow.  These are my greatest disappointments.

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