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Graffiti painted throughout community, raises concerns

Some may see it as art, but others call it a nuisance.

Residents in one Montgomery community are starting to see graffiti everywhere they turn.

Just drive down Virginia Loop Road between the Troy Highway and Woodley Road and you'll see it.  The word "Loop-Boiz" is spray painted on all sorts of landmarks.

It happened over the weekend. Now residents are left with a mess.

From light poles to neighborhood entrances, electrical boxes, street signs and streets themselves, the LoopBoiz sure made their mark.

"It's real disturbing," says Matthew Scott, Jr.

Whoever the group is, folks are out to find them.

"Sure don't have no idea," adds Scott.

"We're determined by working with the police department, the neighborhood watch, our concerned residents," says Montgomery City Councilman Jon Dow.

Homeowners like Matthew Scott work "to keep it neat and nice."

Despite the efforts, his neighborhood was hit.

So was Margaret Jordan's.

"We're really devastated," she says.

Writing on the light pole and initials on the street are the only marks remaining.

Neighbors already removed graffiti from the entrance sign.

"If you don't get to it right away, they feel like they got their tops on you, they're up on you," says Jordan.

Many of the neighborhoods are within walking distance of Fitzpatrick Elementary School. That fact alone has nearby residents anxious to clean up graffiti as soon as possible.

"We do not want the young people to see this type of thing and see that this is acceptable," says Jordan.

Officials don't know if the "Loop Boiz" live on Virginia Loop Road.

Regardless, "if you want to establish who you are, get involved in something positive instead of graffiti and doing something negative," adds Dow.

Mr. Scott now has to remove the graffiti.

"It's hard to get it off them bricks."

Not knowing if it'll ever be gone for good.

Dow says, unfortunately, tax dollars will have to be used to remove the graffiti from any public property.

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