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Parents: Homeless man found sleeping in elementary school

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Teachers and students at Hudson Elementary had a surprise visitor when they showed up at school on Friday morning; they found a man asleep inside the building.

Parents say they were shocked when they arrived at school and found the man sleeping. They believe the man is homeless and broke into the school last so he could sleep.

Birmingham police took the man into custody and are questioning him. They expect to get a warrant later on Friday and charge him. They will release his name and mugshot at that time.

We spoke with several parents this morning who came to the school once they heard what happened. They were worried about their children and now they have a lot of unanswered questions.

"My main concern is ‘how did he get in?' How long had he been in there? Have police searched the building to make sure there are no bombs or other threats to the kids?" said Michael Carroll.

Carroll tells us several parents want to meet with the principal and police to make sure something like this does not happen again.

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