Ivan Claims Another Alabama Victim - In Memphis

The wind and the rain are gone, but Hurricane Ivan has created yet another dark night. This time for a Millbrook family. A 17 month old little girl is dead, the victim of a drowning a thousand miles from where Ivan hit.

It looked like a visit to Donna McCann's parents was a big success. The four Alabamians escaped Ivan's fury, the grandparents saw four grandchildren, but it was time to come home to Millbrook.

Steve Shular of the Shelby County Tennessee Sheriff's Office describes the scene.  "It was right in the midst of that packing the father suddenly realized where was little Maylynn, and the mother was asking the question at the same time."

To his horror, Bobby McCann found his daughter in a decorative pond, just three feet long, the water 12 inches deep.  Neighbor Willie Adams ran to help.

"We ran over to their trailer," he explained, "and the father had it laying on the trunk of the automobile trying to blow in its mouth. I got to helping the girl in the trailer next to us givin' it CPR."

Adams tried to revive Maylynn until rescue teams arrived, but it was too late. She died at the scene, a tragic end to what should have been a happier page in the family history.

Shular said, "They came here to escape one disaster and found themselves in the middle of another one."

There is one more tragic detail to this story; it's not the first time the McCanns have lost a child. Family members told the Shelby County Sheriff the McCanns lost a child to sudden infant death syndrome.

The sheriff's office says the Memphis medical examiner will do an autopsy to confirm the cause of death.