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Developers turn 100-year-old KCK school into lofts


Imagine writing your grocery shopping list on your very own chalkboard in your downtown loft apartment.

The new residents of Horace Mann Lofts can do that. Developers have turned a shuttered school near downtown KCK into lofts with modern amenities.

The remodeling was done to preserve the features of the historic brick school, which was built in 1909 at Eight Street and State Avenue.

The classrooms have been converted to 30 one or two-bedroom homes with tall classroom windows, beautiful crown moldings and the original bookshelves. And the blackboards were kept too.

"We've kept the chalk boards and it's so fun because you'll see people write messages," David Jones with Foutch Brothers Development said. "You'll see grocery lists on here and kids playing on the chalkboard. It's really neat to see how we have respected the past and merged it into the future."

The buildings are pet friendly and include Google Fiber plus a beautiful view.

"Add all of that up, and it's an attractive place to live for a potential tenant," Jones said.

Colin Shoberg and his girlfriend are among the first tenants.

"I actually love the idea of taking older buildings and modernizing them for purposes not originally intended," he said. "And the idea of having constant reliable Internet free of charge was a huge benefit."

The apartments will cost $750 to $1,300 to rent. For more information, go to

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