And the Name is.....

Hurricane Ivan left a path of destruction throughout the state of Alabama, but with the darkness came a lot of light and hope. Woody Goode and his wife found one such ray of sunshine during the storm. A small deer, separated from its mother, needed a place of refuge and kindness and the two week old fawn found it at the Goode home.

We've been keeping you updated on the baby deer which was found on the side of the road wet, scared, and hungry last Thursday. Woody Goode found the deer and says things have worked out for the best.

Now the baby deer has gone to a new home.

"We realized that it was going to be kind of tough to raise a little one into adulthood. So we started calling around trying to find a new home for it, and before we had contacted the Conservation Department, they were nice enough to call and say they have a rehab facility in Wetumpka."

Goode says the department called him after seeing our story last week and came and picked up the deer today.

But the baby deer is no longer without a name. Over 50 different names were submitted and after narrowing the choices down to the five most requested, a poll was taken, and here are the results.

Ivana - 253 votes(25%)

Hope - 229 votes(23%)

Ivey - 179 votes(18%)

Faith - 175 votes(17.5%)

Miracle - 165 votes(16.5%)

Thanks Ivana and the Goode family for bringing us a story of sunshine and hope amid the turmoil of a storm.  God Bless and keep you Ivana,  you were a miracle, who provided hope and renewed the faith of many in the kindness and goodness that can be found in the world.  And thank you viewers of WSFA for giving her a name.