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Troy news conference - Looking back at UAB, ahead to Savannah State

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Head Coach Larry Blakeney

Certainly a great win, it was not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. It was one where I thought we had everybody all in from a scheme standpoint even though we didn't execute things defensively like we would have liked to in some instances. When it boiled right down to it, they had a hard time running the football on us for three quarters once we got in sync with them. We did give up a couple big pass plays, which we've got to get cleaned up. We gave up a kickoff return where we missed six tackles, which is pitiful. We are going to continue to work and try and find the right guys.

I was really proud of our units in all three phases for how hard they played and how they stuck to it. They gained confidence as we went – I told some of y'all the other day that I had a funny calmness about the whole thing. I thought we had a chance all the way.

I really think that (UAB head coach) Garrick McGee has done a great job up there and I know that their team certainly looks the part and they played the part. They had every chance to win the game and probably deserved to win the game, but as it turned out we were able to close the gap and get it tied and go to overtime and win the game.

I'm very proud of our coaches, our players and our people. It was a hot day but we had a heck of a crowd.

I'm looking forward to this preparation, which is really a two-game preparation when you get right down to it because we've got a Saturday game and then a Thursday night game in Jonesboro. We'll have turn around pretty quickly after we play Savannah State and get right back to the grind on Arkansas State.

Quarterback Corey Robinson

Did you realize how good your numbers were?

Well it just seemed like we weren't dropping any passes, I just felt like we were in a rhythm underneath the mat.  It didn't seem like we were doing great at all, but at the same time it felt like we were slowly getting into a rhythm throughout the game. I really didn't realize it had came to that.  I knew at half time that I was 11-of-12 and I just wanted to build on that. I just wanted to continue to complete the football, get it to my guys out wide and let them make plays.  I didn't completely realize it, but at the same time in the back of my head I was just trying to get it to those guys as quick as possible.

After the 4th quarter turnover, what did you say to the guys:

We have to put that stuff behind us. I was looking around trying to find some help from somebody.  I was just looking for something to say to those guys and it finally just hit me.  I just had to tell them that that stuff was in the past, the defense got us back in the game, they got us the ball back, we still have some time left, we just gotta go down there and punch it back in.  I think Deon actually scored on that drive, running the ball in, he carried like three guys in the end zone with him.  It was just a great play and great drive.  It was a pretty good way to come back and show that this team has some heart.

What's it like to be in that zone:

It's actually pretty weird.  You don't hear much.  You just see where you wanna go, everything is really clear for you.  Coach Reagan did a great job preparing me for this game and this whole summer, really just working hard to get in the offense, know the playbook more than I ever have and watch them on defense more than I ever have.  I'm going to try to continue to do that and take the film way more seriously than I ever have in the past and hopefully it's going to keep paying off for me.

How do you feel compared to last year

I feel really calm. I felt really comfortable out there this past week.  You gotta have trust with your guys up front. Even though they were young I told them that I was gonna trust them and they made me feel really good out there.  They gave me a good, clean pocket most of the night. Coach said I got sacked one time and that was probably my fault. I need to get it out a little bit quicker to help those young guys out.  They played tremendous, the receivers played tremendous, the running backs played tremendous.  Everybody caught balls out there so I'm really pleased with how everybody played.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Troy Athletics Dept.

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