Editorial: "One and Done"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Ridiculous – that's the first word that came to mind after hearing and then seeing the brawl between two Alabama high school Football coaches last week.  Following the Walker and Cullman football game Walker's head coach and Cullman's defensive coordinator had a physical altercation in the middle of the field resulting in a bloody face, ripped clothes, police officer intervention and the young football players watching in disbelief.

Gentlemen, and I use that word lightly, you just failed miserably as leaders of young men.  The visible example you both set and led by last week on the field of play was miserable and unconscionable.  Both programs, due to this unfortunate and preventable circumstance, are now under review by the Alabama High School Athletic Association.

I can tell you this if I led the state athletic association, one if not both of your coaching careers would have just come to a swift and immediate end.  You fight and you're gone – one and done.  One of the most important elements in any coach's creed or belief is to LEAD BY EXAMPLE. As such, your mission as a coach is to always promote and develop good sportsmanship, fair play, skills, ethics, and maintain the highest integrity with your team and all individuals participating on it.

The ball was dropped last week by these coaches and now it's up to the AHSAA to act swiftly and justly so this sophomoric display between grown men never happens again on an Alabama field of play.

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