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Lawrence approves higher speeding ticket fines


You will be paying a lot more if you get caught speeding in Lawrence in the near future.

Commissioners voted 5-0 to approve hefty hikes for speeding fines in the Lawrence city limits.

Fees will nearly dearly double from $50 to $80. Court costs are in addition to this.

Most of the drivers told KCTV5 that they think it's a bad idea.

"I don't see why they need to do it." Lawrence driver Patti Smith said. "We pay enough taxes to live here."

Lawrence will become of the most expensive places in the area to get a ticket. Baldwin City's ticket is already $160.

According to a recent study the city conducted, the increase simply puts Lawrence on par with similar-sized communities.

However, the study shows the fee hikes will actually land Lawrence atop the list of areas cities.

A fine for a ticket combined with court costs in Lawrence will set you back $140.

By comparison, it would run $97 in Manhattan and just $77 in Shawnee.

Motorcyclist Skyler Criswell was skeptical before Tuesday night's vote.

"I don't think it's a good thing for the residents, but it's probably good for city construction," Criswell told KCTV5.

Still, other drivers say if it encourages drivers to slow down, they're all for it.

"I think certainly we can raise the fees, it will keep our traffic slower and are community safer," claims Randall Eisman.

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