Montgomery man finds baby standing in the street

Screen shot of man filming as he finds a baby in the street.
Screen shot of man filming as he finds a baby in the street.
Tamarian McCall says she's a good mother and she takes care of her children.
Tamarian McCall says she's a good mother and she takes care of her children.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A Montgomery man made a shocking discovery Tuesday morning as he was driving down the road. He came across a baby just standing in the street.

The concerned neighbor called WSFA 12 News about the discovery and shared the cell phone video he recorded of the entire incident. He asked not to have his identity revealed.

The incident happened in the neighborhood near Lee High School on Brewton Street.

"Where's your momma and daddy?" the man asks the child, wearing only a diaper and holding a bottle. The man then pulled out his phone's video camera and recorded the encounter as he picked up the child and went searching for his family. The recording was partly to document what he and another neighbor say has happened before.

"Let's go find somebody; find out where you live at," the man tells the child, who quietly follows along.

The man and child walked across the street where he knocked on a neighbor's door. He was immediately met with the suggestion that he call police after he explained where he found the child. Apparently, according to the neighbor, this is not the first time the child has been left unattended.

That neighbor admitted she too had taken the little boy back to his home not long ago.

"I took him back home and the door was wide open and one of the girls that was supposed to be watching him, she was in the bed asleep," the woman said. "And it was him and a little two or three year old girl."

During the encounter with the neighbor, the child's mother came looking for him.

"This cannot keep happening," the neighbor said to the mom as she approached.

"He's out here in the middle of the street. There ain't nobody out here. He's in a diaper!"

After receiving the video, WSFA 12 News went to the neighborhood to find the mother for her side of the story. We found Tamarian McCall at her home.

"That's a 2-year-old. That baby don't know no better," the mom explained. "You could take that baby to the grocery store holding his hand and that baby can snatch away from you and walk off," she said.

McCall said she'd walked down the street to a neighbor's house to use a phone and that's when the child walked off. She said her mother, who was supposed to be watching the child, was cooking and the child wandered off.

"I'm not a bad parent," McCall said. "I'm a good parent. I'm going to tell you about myself," she said. "I spend my money on my kids. I buy my kids what they need. I'd spend my last on my kids. If I had about $20, I would buy my kids some Pampers instead of buying me something," she explained.

Officers with the Montgomery Police Department had been to the woman's home before a WSFA 12 News crew arrived. They told McCall to keep her doors locked so that her three children can't wander off.

Police have also warned the neighbors that should they find the child unattended again, they should hold onto the child and call police. Officers will come and pickup the child.

Neighbors may not have to keep their eyes peeled for long, though. McCall says that because of all the calls neighbors have made to police, she plans to move out of the neighborhood where she lives with her children, mom and sister.

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