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Neighbors concerned over water spewing from break for 3 days


It is a soggy mess that could soon turn into a driving hazard.

Neighbors say the busted line near East 81st Street and Agnes Avenue has been spewing water since Saturday, running 24 hours a day and wasting countless gallons of perfectly good water.

"It is really frustrating," said a man who asked not to be identified over fear of retribution from the city.

He said he has called the water department repeatedly since he noticed the leak Saturday morning.

He said no one has returned his calls, adding to his frustrations with a government bureaucracy he said has been failing his neighborhood for decades.

"Our whole neighborhood has had water issues for years right over on 81st Street. Every year, there is a constant water leak, and that has been going on since I was a kid. They come in, wrap a metal band aid around it and call it good," he said.

Now, the water has made it clear across the street, draining into an empty lot. Neighbors worry homes down the hill will soon be hit by flooding.

The man takes pride in investing in his neighborhood and said mismanagement by the water department ends up costing more money, money he could be using to help stimulate the area.

"I've got four houses in the neighborhood, and I keep my bills current on all them. They charge us for storm water runoff over here, and we don't even have storm sewers. We are paying for a service we don't even utilize," he said.

KCTV5 called the water department to see when they would send a crew out to repair the leak, but messages have not been returned. 

The KCTV5 News investigative team exposed numerous customer service issues with the water department in the past year.

Nearly two weeks ago, city council members approved $12 million for a company to help correct those problems.

Last week, Mayor Sly James sent state auditor Tom Schweich a letter declining an offer to audit the water department.

James acknowledged the department's problems but indicated he was confident the recently hired contractor would help them make progress.

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