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Counselors say consequences of killing a person could be extensive


A homeowner shot and killed 30-year-old Christopher Robinson Wednesday after he said Robinson broke into his home. Police believe Robinson stole three cars prior to the shooting.

On the KCTV5 Facebook page, many people are congratulating the homeowner for his courage, but it may take even more courage to deal with what comes next.

"It's not easy to take another life unless you are simply a psychopath and have no problem doing that," said counselor Susan Howard-Perry.

Howard-Perry has counseled police and soldiers who have killed in the line of duty and said, justified or not, it's a difficult reality to process.

"After an individual processes information like this, then they start questioning the whole scenario. It goes through their mind over and over again. ‘Did I make the right choice?' ‘Was there any other option?'" she said.

When a man in a home near Garfield Avenue and Northeast 91st Terrace shot and killed an intruder Wednesday morning, police said it was the intruder's fifth attempt at a car theft all up north between 4:45 a.m. and 5:45 a.m.

In one case, police said Robinson broke into a house and drove through the garage.

"It's really scary," said neighbor Leena Bhatka.

"These are the traumatic events that change people," Howard-Perry said.

She said everyone handles trauma differently, but offered some general wisdom.

"He (the homeowner) doesn't need advice right now, he doesn't need people telling him what to do. He just needs people to listen and to try and support him as best they can. That's the most important thing in the first 24 to 48 hours," Howard-Perry said.

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