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Parent upset over hit and run bus accident


A Chatham County parent is outraged after her child was on a bus that was involved in a hit and run on the way to school.

It was 7:30 a.m. Thursday when a mother who does not want to be identified says her daughter sent her a disturbing text. Her daughter said the school bus just hit a parked car in an apartment complex and kept driving. Now she wants answers. 

"I was very upset and angry," said an unidentified Chatham County High School parent. 

She said she is frustrated about how First Student handled a hit and run accident involving a school bus that was on its way to New Hampstead High School Thursday morning. 

"When I first called, they said she was on the phone handling another situation," said the unidentified parent. "I said, I just told you there is a runaway bus that was just involved in an accident and now it's a crime scene. My whole intention was to stop her at the school. Was this lady intoxicated?"

The parent was only told about the accident after her 14-year-old daughter sent her a text. 

"She texted me that her bus driver had just hit a car and took off through a field. At that point, I asked if she was ok. I heard them laughing, I could assume they were ok." 

While it may have seemed funny to the students, it was no laughing matter to the parents. 

"You don't just damage someone's property and take off," said the unidentified parent. "She endangered the safety of those children and broke the law in front of them. What are you teaching these high schoolers?"  

The parent drove to the scene at the Century Fenwick Village apartments and left a note on the car that was damaged. 

"She left her number on the note and I called her and that's when I found out everything," said Dewan Trammel, car was involved in hit and run. 

"There needs to be accountability and someone needs to be held responsible for it," said the parent. "There needs to be some way to make sure this won't happen again." 

WTOC tried to contact First Student and the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System. They have not returned our calls so we weren't able to confirm whether the bus driver was in fact terminated, or if they're even investigating the incident.

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