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Former KCK detective on trial for planning attack on chief, other officers


A former Kansas City, KS, detective is on trial this week, accused of planning to attack his chief and several other officers on the force.

On the second day of the trial at the federal courthouse, John R. Hudson heard testimony from his former girlfriend, the woman who turned him in to authorities. During it, she said he planned to buy a sniper rifle from a pawn shop and take them out one-by-one.

When the Federal Bureau of Investigations raided a home in KCK to collect evidence back in May, the indictment against the former police officer said the government had a secret informant who told them Hudson was planning to take out Police Chief Rick Armstrong and the head of Internal Affairs Greg Lawson for betraying him.

Wednesday the courtroom heard from the informant, his former girlfriend Angie Patterson.

She said Hudson, who was the FOP Chief Shop Steward, was angry at his superiors for two reasons. He thought the chief had conspired to set-up the SCORE team to catch them stealing during warrants, and he felt the operation itself was muddied and mistakes were made.

Patterson also said Hudson was upset he lost his job after the Internal Affairs Unit put a tracking device on his police car and followed him for several weeks.

Detective Greg Lawson testified that they discovered Hudson was taking his police vehicle out of the city into Missouri to pick up his children and make other stops that were not part of his job.

"A month's time, he was absent 80 hours from his duty without leave time," Lawson testified.

When he was confronted, Hudson decided to take early retirement in December 2012.

Lawson said he got a call from Hudson saying, "If the roles were reversed, he would have given me a heads up. He says I have a video camera too and I could be following around people and capture them doing the same thing, but I won't go that route."

Lawson was asked if Hudson ever threatened to harm someone and he said no.

But Patterson testified that Hudson said, "he was going to eliminate the black rats one by one. That he wanted them to know it was him, but that he could make it look like a random act of violence in the country."

She said at first she thought he was just venting his feelings and he even told her he could never actually do it because of his children. But then, in March 2013, the day they broke up, Patterson said she was startled by something new Hudson told her.

"He was going to talk to his 12-year-old son about standing on his principles. He'd explain why he'd do what he was going to do, and he'd go to prison and probably get the lethal injection," she testified, adding that that's when she alerted police.

The defense asked Patterson for specifics about any real steps Hudson had taken to commit the bodily harm and she said there were none.

However the judge reminded the jury that the government doesn't have to prove steps were taken to retaliate against the chief and others.

Hudson's psychiatrist testified that he often had homicidal thoughts, but she said he wanted to hurt the pedophiles he was investigating in child abuse cases. She said he never told her he wanted to harm any of his superiors and that she is a mandatory reporter and would have had to notify someone if he had made threats toward any of the officers.

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