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White House looks to Hollywood to help promote Obamacare

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Circle Oct. 1 on the calendar - that's the day enrollment kicks in for the Affordable Care Act, which is also known as Obamacare.

Supporters are working to quickly get the uninsured enrolled so they can purchase coverage at affordable rates, but many of them still don't know how the program works.

So now, the White House is taking a unique step to clear up confusion, asking Hollywood for help.

Three years after President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, little is known as to how it actually works and how much it will cost.

A June survey showed 79 percent have never heard of the Health Insurance Marketplace and another 40 percent are unsure if the measure is still law.

"There are many people that do not understand the law, and one common thing is they get the Medicaid expansion confused with the Marketplace, which used to be called the Exchange," said Sarah Starnes, who works with Enroll America, a non-profit group working to get the word out about the Affordable Care Act and help with enrollment.

Starnes said they start out with a small group of people and reach out.

"We develop more volunteers. We reach more people about what their options are," she said.

But the White House isn't just depending on volunteers.

Supporters of the measure are now enlisting help from across the sports and entertainment world.

Two-time Super Bowl winning Baltimore Ravens are now Obamacare ambassadors after partnering with the state of Maryland to get the word out about the newly-established Health Insurance Marketplace.

Singer and Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson recently met with the president about the Affordable Care Act outreach, recently tweeting, "Great seeing @barackobama yest at WH. So important to sign up for health insurance. #Obamacare will make it easier."

Comedian Will Farrell's popular Funny or Die website lampooned the criticism of Obamacare. Now, he too has signed on to promote the measure in the days leading up to the Oct. 1 enrollment date.

"Any way that we can get the word out it is important," Starnes said

But Obamacare opponents are staying silent.

"Insurance costs are going up. Businesses say they can't afford Obamacare. So they'll pay big fines and millions of employees could lose their healthcare," Starnes said

They are also pushing back with their own similar ads, hoping to capitalize on the overwhelming unpopular Obamacare sentiment.

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