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Residents still out of loft apartments, a month after fire


A fire forced dozens of neighbors out of their lofts at 11th Street and Grand Boulevard. It's been more than a month since it happened and some are still out of their homes.

The management company of the Professional Building Lofts said the repairs are taking longer than expected and, for the tenants, patience is wearing thin.

Brent Hinson has been out of his apartment for more than a month. He has been living with his parents and Thursday he returned to the apartments to retrieve some of his belongings.

"I'm about to do what I call 'the climb' which is 15 flights, in the dark, with a flashlight," he said.

The building has been in the dark since Aug. 9 when an electrical fire knocked out power to the entire building and two businesses connected to it. Residents were forced to move because conditions were unsafe and management scrambled to find places for them to live.

Hinson said staffers kept him informed every step of the way.

"As long as you send them an email, you'll get a response. I can only imagine this is not something they're prepared for," he said.

Thursday, power was back on at the two businesses, but they said they're getting it from another source.

A spokesperson for the management company said in a written statement, "Due to having to manufacture electrical parts, the building is expected to be completed by October 31."

The statement went on to say, "The landlord has offered all tenants two options. To either break their lease and move elsewhere without penalty or stay in our block of reserved hotel rooms (we are working with 7 locations)....The landlord has offered the rooms as a courtesy at no cost to tenants and tenants are not being charged rent."

But not every tenant is happy with how the management company has handled the situation.

"There were a lot of promises made that we would be reimbursed for food, gas, everything that we needed and now they're not doing that," said a woman who didn't want her identity revealed.

As for the free room and board, the female tenant said she was put in a substandard room at an Extended Stay near the Plaza. She is now staying at another hotel in Overland Park, KS.

"I just see a bad situation getting worse so I'm more tempted to look for alternate housing," she said.

KCTV5 contacted the Extended Stay near the Plaza for a comment and were told no one was available to speak.

The management company for the Lofts said about 81 of its 129 tenants are staying in hotels. The rest are staying with family or friends.

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