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Memorial in place for Ella the deer


A memorial has been set-up for Ella, the deer who neighbors grew accustomed to living in the Elmwood Cemetery.

Ella was found dead in the cemetery she called home in August. A 19-year-old man later confessed to shooting the animal because he wanted to feed his girlfriend and 8-month-old baby.

Ella lived on the 43 acres at the Elmwood Cemetery in east Kansas City. She was born in the cemetery and never left. Her mother was killed Memorial Day weekend in 2011 when she was just 3 months old, and Ella became like a pet to the visitors and workers at the cemetery. She loved to watch funerals and weddings from just outside the chapel doorway, and was quite intrigued by humans. She would often walk with humans as they made their way to gravesites. She even would let some pet her.

Visitors were able to see the new memorial, that features an engraving of Ella and a Sharp Pei mix dog named Mattie, for the first time Saturday at her memorial service. Following the service, Ella was buried.

The monument was created, and donated, by Kevin Frisbie of Frisbee Monuments.

"It is a beautiful tribute to Ella and her special relationship with all who knew her," wrote Bruce Mathews of the Elmwood Cemetery Society.

The dog also featured on her monument was a stray dog who had formed a special bond with the deer. The dog was taken to an animal shelter when cemetery officials feared it wouldn't survive the harsh winter.

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