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Mr. Stan Arington of Auburn High School is a Class Act

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Mr Stan Arington's classroom doesn't look like a typical classroom. And its not, this is the classroom for the aquaculture program at Auburn high school.

 "The aqua-culture program that we have here at Auburn High is one of only six in the state where we offer an endorsement on the diploma."   Said Mr. Arington.

 And while studying fish may not be as popular as studying calculus, Mr. Arington thinks it's still important. 

 "We see aqua-culture as a quality sustainable way to provide food." Said Mr. Arington.

 Mr. Arington has inspired many of his students to become leaders in the fishing industry and he  hopes to inspire more by allowing students to take advantage of all the resources.

 "That was kind of the goal of the class. Setting up husbandry so student can apply it instead of memorizing or testing ." Said Mr. Arington.

This is a style of teaching Mr. Arington works hard to achieve but one he believes in. 

 "So I have become a facilitator and provide the materials and provide the opportunity." Said Mr. Arington.

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