Editorial: "Color of One's Skin"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The color of one's skin appears to be a barrier for some in the University of Alabama Greek system.  Allegations made in the campus newspaper, the Crimson White, point to alumni at multiple sororities interfering with the voting process, potentially costing two qualified African-American candidates spots in those sororities.

According to the article, in a quote attributed to someone in the Tri Delta sorority (one of the sororities in question), one of the girls had "excellent scores, an influential family and an awesome resume that would have made her a more-than-qualified candidate and would have ensured her a bid from a sorority if she wasn't black."

The pressure to not pledge this candidate allegedly came from the sororities' alumni as this member continues, "To my knowledge, the president and the rush chair and our rush advisors were behind this, and if we had been able to pledge her, it would've been an honor … however, our [alumni] stepped in and went over us and had her dropped."

Ladies and gentlemen, the elephant has just entered the room.  Not that any of us were naïve enough to think that the inequalities of the past between races were behind us, but it is still most disturbing to hear about young adults in a respected university being influenced by alumnae to hold onto practices of exclusion for no reason other than the color of one's skin.

Those alumnae actions, in my opinion, if proven to be true would be grounds for immediate and irreversible denial of participation in the Greek system at the University of Alabama going forward.  And while they are leaving the room we'd ask that they take "the elephant" with them.

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