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Minimum bond for man accused of attacking officer

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A man accused of trying to attack a Huntsville police officer will be able to get out of jail for $1,000.

The state found Olusola Kuponiyi's rights were violated when prosecutors failed to hold a bond hearing within 72 hours of his arrest. By law, his bond is now set at $10,000; the lowest possible point for the crime he is charged with: attempted murder of a police officer.

A bail bondsman only has to put up ten percent of that amount to allow Kuponiyi to be released, however at last check he was still listed as an inmate in the Madison County Jail.

According to jail records, Kuponiyi has been there since Aug. 22, when Huntsville Police arrested him. Police said he fought an officer at a business, slammed the officer to the ground, and tried to grab the officer's gun.

Investigators said the suspect also stabbed the officer with a knife, bit him, and used pepper spray on the officer.

Chief Lewis Morris released a statement Wednesday saying:

"We arrested him and presented an arrest warrant within 24 hours, well within the time limits established by the state. Bond, or lack thereof, was set by a judge. We do not set court hearings."

Huntsville Fraternal Order of Police leader Bill Davis said mistakes happen, but this suspect does not need an opportunity to make bond. Davis said he is contacting legislators to try and change the law.

"We need to hold a little bit higher of a standard to anyone that attacks a police officer. You're attacking an armed person, and you're taking a chance to do that, so that makes you a real threat," said Davis.

Calls to the District Attorney's office were not returned. The Circuit Clerk's office, where an attempt was made to find out who sets those hearings, was closed on Wednesday.

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