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Man turns in lottery ticket worth millions, doesn't claim prize

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TODAY'S MOST...Honest lottery winner: As we get ready for the $400 million Powerball drawing, listen to this: a man in Spain returned a winning lottery ticket he had found. It was worth over $6 million dollars. Manuel Gonzalez said he returned it immediately because "I wanted to be able to sleep well at night with a clear conscience." The ticket is now mentioned on the lost and found part of the city's website where Gonzalez found it. The search for the real winner could last as long as two years. If the winner isn't found in that time, then Gonzalez will actually get the money. How many people do you think would be as honorable as this man was?

TODAY'S MOST...Ridiculous Rambo-esque costume worn by a coach spying on another team: I can honestly say I've never heard of something like this. A coach of a soccer team in Italy was caught, dressed in military fatigues, spying on another team's practice. Fans of Sampdoria, the team that was being spied on, noticed the coach in the woods near the practice fields. Sampdoria posted the picture of the coach on its website, and said it will forgive the coach, because "one should always forgive one's enemies, as nothing annoys them more."

TODAY'S MOST...Insulting comment made by a politician: Republican Congressman Phil Gingrey from Georgia was in a conference with his fellow Republicans today. They were talking about a law that could potentially make them pay for some of their healthcare costs. He complained that some staffers could leave to become lobbyists and "make $500,000 a year. Meanwhile, I'm stuck here making $172,000." I added the italics. It's always great when a politician from either party makes such a tone deaf statement. 


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