Editorial: "Viewer Feedback: Color of One's Skin"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Our editorial earlier this week focusing on the exclusion of two African American girls from the University of Alabama sororities they were pledging due to the color of their skin provided the following feedback on wsfa.com and our WSFA 12 News station Facebook page:

Brandon responded:"Some of the oldest black fraternities and sororities were started at predominately white institutions because of exclusion from traditionally white Greek life organizations. These organizations, though overwhelmingly joined by blacks do not discriminate against other races and I personally have known persons whom were not black become members."

Mary writes, "I wonder what all black colleges, all black fraternities and sororities do to justify the way they exist? I don't see any apologies on their end. In fact, does anyone know of an all white college, all Asian college, all Indian college or sororities, fraternities to go with them? I don't. Gee I wonder where the racism is?"

Jessica provided the following, "The Greek System is wrong all together. They don't only discriminate with color they discriminate toward anyone that isn't prim and proper. And I promise that University of Alabama is not the only school that's discriminated, just the only school that has had anyone come forward. And I agree that the racism goes both ways

Lastly another Jessica adds, "The University's President has taken a stand against this and I pray all UA fans, alumni, staff and students will support her as she take steps to move all facets of the University into the 21 century."

As always, we encourage and appreciate your feedback.

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