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More arrests possible after Morgan Co. meth bust

Source: Morgan Co. Sheriff's Dept. Source: Morgan Co. Sheriff's Dept.

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin said there could be more arrests and more charges for those already arrested after an overnight meth bust in Trinity.

Wednesday night, authorities discovered several meth labs in three different homes at the Heritage Estates Trailer Park. Lisa Compton, Mary Amerson and James Reeves are charged with manufacturing the drug, along with other charges. James Sieglock is also charged with making meth. Randy Teague is charged with attempting to purchase pseudoephedrine, the main ingredient used to make meth.

Morgan County Drug Task Force agents conducted an undercover investigation for the last three months leading up to the arrests. Investigators said they were making meth in two of the trailers and selling it out of another one. They were also allegedly selling the ingredients to make meth so other people could manufacture the drug on their own. Franklin said most of the time, people who make meth are making it, in part, to feed their own addiction. But in this case, Franklin said, the suspects were not addicts and just doing it to make money.

"These folks didn't have a problem. They are a problem. And the entire intent of this situation was a group of people that were correlated together that created a business entity in order to manufacture and to distribute and traffic in methamphetamine and other narcotics," Franklin said.

Franklin said another unusual aspect to the bust was it happened in western Morgan County, whereas most meth busts mostly happen on the east side.

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