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Golf carts not welcomed on Florence city streets

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Florence police will be cracking down on people driving golf carts, ATVs and other unauthorized vehicles on city street.

The department has received complaints about the vehicles in residential neighborhoods. Police say the recreational vehicles are not equipped with safety devices required by federal and state law. The drivers and riders in the vehicles are placed at a higher risk for crashes and serious injury while, at the same time, they're endangering those in other motor vehicles.

"Those vehicles that aren't street legal are hard to see by other drivers," said Brad Holmes of the Florence Police Department. "They don't have the proper safety equipment on them so they pose a significant risk to the driving and motoring public, as well as the people who are involved in driving those on city streets.

"We are seeing a lot of young people that are driving these ATVs and driving these golf carts. While we understand it's an easy way to get around, there is significant safety risks that are involved."

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