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School resource officers on lookout for drugs

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Captain Fred Sloss said school resource officers always keep their eyes peeled for drug use in school.

"We look out for suspicious activity, the way the kids are acting in the hall ways and if they are passing things around," he said.

In case they miss something, occasionally they bring a second set of eyes and ears in.  

"We run our drug dogs through the school unannounced at any particular time so the students never know when we are coming," he said. "That is a big deterrent for them because they know the dogs are coming but they never know when."

Sloss said marijuana continues to be a popular drug they catch students with, but every now they will see something a little more serious.

"We have a problem with pills sometimes they show up. We have had crystal meth that has shown up in the schools and all different types of drugs," he said. 

Molly Hooper is a student in Athens. She said drug use among her classmates isn't something she's surprised to hear.

"People talk about it in the hallways sometimes, but it's usually a select group of students," she said.   

Sloss said if a student is caught with drugs on campus, they could face jail time or expulsion.

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