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Audit finds issues at Revenue Commissioner's office


An audit from the Examiners of Public Accounts found accounting errors at Montgomery County Revenue Commissioner's office. The errors meant some agencies received too much money, while others didn't get enough.

"I said how do we fix this, I said this was unacceptable to me to have these differences," Commissioner Janet Buskey said as she recounted a conversation with the state.

The audit covered a period from 2008-2011, part of that period predated Buskey's tenure as Commissioner.  Auditors found inaccurate reports and a failure to analyze cash overages and shortages.

For instance, MPS received almost $350,000 in excess funds over the period. That money was returned to the Revenue Commissioner's office, after the release of the audit last month.

Buskey traced the issues back to the office's old computer program, which she says did not meet state standards.  Employees had to input data manually from paper sheets and input it into the system.  

"Anytime you're doing something manually, and take it from a sheet of paper, and type it in the computer, there's always going to be human error," she said.

A new computer system was installed last year, and makes it much easier to track taxpayer money. The overages and shortages have been reduced to almost zero.

"We have not had any problems with this new system and getting our reports done," Buskey said.

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