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Jasper County schools lose lawsuit


Jasper County schools versus the County Council, who wins? It's the County Council, according to a Beaufort County judge.

The school filed a lawsuit after County Council cut the districts millage rate, which the district said they had no right to do.

The district said the lawsuit was "friendly" litigation. They just wanted clarification on who has the right to set the districts millage rate.

"We are disappointed with the judge's decision, even though we appreciate the quick response," said Gary West, the districts finance director. "We do still believe the school board is responsible for setting the education budget."

The reduced millage rate, cut the district's budget by $444,000. The district said they can't operate correctly with the new budget.

The school board will meet on Oct. 14 to discuss the future. The district does not believe their decision to ask the judge to amend her ruling will delay the county's preparation of tax notices.

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