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UMass Amherst cancels concerts over drug concerns

After several overdoses at rave-like concerts across the Northeast, UMass Amherst is canceling similar shows scheduled on campus.

The college first canceled a concert at the beginning of this month because of concerns over the drug Molly, or MDMA. The Drug Enforcement Administration says it's a pure form of Ecstasy.

On Thursday, the school canceled two more shows for the same reason.

UMass Amherst is not taking any chances when it comes to electronic dance music concerts that are known to be associated with Molly.

The college sent out an email to students notifying them two concerts were canceled.

The school said the decision affects an Oct. 4 performance by Above & Beyond and an Oct. 30 show by Pretty Lights, both scheduled for the Mullins Center.

Zac Broughton is the president of the student government board. He said the school canceled the concerts because of recent events where other college students have died at electronic dance concerts from overdosing on Molly.

"The main reason of canceling the EDMC events is to help save lives," said Broughton.

Broughton also said it's a proactive way for the school to prevent the same thing from happening on their campus.

A previous concert scheduled for Sept. 21 was canceled at the beginning of the year, costing the school roughly $18,000.

Broughton doesn't know what the college has lost with these two concerts, but he said it was a chance the school didn't want to take.

"Our chancellor thinks it's a cost worth losing," said Broughton.

The cancellation has some students frustrated with the decision.
"The university should make a decision to not have the events and the option for ticket sales, or to have the events," said UMass Amherst junior Benjamin Richman.

And others said they agree with the school, but feel canceling the concerts may not be the only solution.

"It's almost a way to draw attention to the fact that these drugs are used at these concerts," said sophomore Jackson Kapinos. 
"It's more just that you should educate students on it rather canceling events that some people want to go to who don't do the drug," said junior Erin Mabee. 

The school said they understand that drug abuse is not limited to the EDM concerts and they are taking steps to warn students about the dangers associated with Molly and other drugs.

Students who purchased tickets to next month's concerts can receive a refund.

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