Rep. Roby to refuse pay if a gov. shutdown affects military pay

U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) is vowing to forgo her congressional salary if a government shutdown affects the pay of men and women of the United States Armed Forces.

The House of Representatives last week passed a Continuing Resolution that Roby says would prevent a shutdown by fully funding the government while, as Roby's office says in a statement, "removing funding for the President's increasingly unpopular and unworkable healthcare law."

The Senate must act before the current spending authorization expires at midnight on September 30 in order to avoid a government shutdown. 

"I'm hopeful that there won't be a government shutdown, and the Continuing Resolution we passed last Friday would prevent it," Rep Roby said. "Even as the Senate deliberates, I remain optimistic that we can arrive at a solution before it's too late. However, if there is a government shutdown that interrupts salary payments to our troops, my salary should stop as well. 

"I have instructed the Chief Administrative Officer of the House of Representatives to hold my salary for any day that our troops would go without regular pay due to a government shutdown. This is Congress' problem to fix, and as a Member of Congress, I don't believe I should be paid while gridlock in Washington forces our military families to go without.

Roby emphasized her belief that time remains for Congressional leaders in Washington to find a responsible path ahead that keeps the government open while protecting citizens from the harmful effects of ObamaCare.

"Voters sent me to Washington to solve problems, not become part of them. I will continue to work toward a responsible solution that funds government operations, protects Americans from the impending train wreck that is ObamaCare and ensures our military families don't go one day without pay."

Should Congress and the President fail to agree on a plan to fund the government, salary payments for military personnel would cease. The last time a threat of a government shutdown emerged in April of 2011, Rep. Roby made the same pledge to forgo her congressional salary if soldiers go without.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Rep. Martha Roby's office