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Many gather to rally against violence

Many voices came together as one during Sunday's rally. Many voices came together as one during Sunday's rally.

A Huntsville church is speaking out against the growing violence in the community. Sunday, the group held a peaceful rally to make their voices heard.

Members of the Hope Community Church said the rally is a challenge to those who violate their safety. Believing everyone has the right to a safe community, they said they are tired of the violence taking place in Huntsville and they want it to end.

The "Stop the Violence" rally took place at the corner of Pulaski Pike and University Drive. Armed with homemade signs and the power of their voices, church members called for peace and a stop to the shootings and murders.

The group came together to be heard as one. They said one person cannot do all the work necessary to make a change, but if everybody comes together, it will make a difference.

"The only way to make evil triumph is when good men do nothing. It is our determination to do something. We simply stood on the corner and rallied and shouted and prayed, to say we make a difference," said Pastor Charles Rodgers.

The group is hoping other people in the community will follow their lead and help stop the violence.

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