Present/former members of Montgomery's 908th invited to 50th Anniversary celebration

It is time! Current and former members of the 908th Airlift Wing it is time to get your tickets for the 908th's 50th Anniversary event. The celebration will take place at the Embassy Suites Hotel on Saturday, Dec. 7.

Far from a formal affair, this will be a party to mark the wing's accomplishments and gather with current and former members who have made it all happen through the years. Everyone who is/or ever has been a member of the 908th is invited!

This will be a first class event, but casual, not stuffy. Business casual will be the uniform of the evening with slacks and nice shirts for men (jacket's optional) and similar for ladies. Instead of a sit-down plated meal, food will be finger foods served in several areas.

There will be a brief period of introductions and comments but they will be kept short so everyone will have time to meet and mingle with your friends and people who you may have only heard mentioned in unit legends and lore.

Given the SEC Championship game will be on that night, several televisions will be on to watch the game.  Pictures and a display of the wing's history will be on hand. Following the game a DJ will be on hand to play music and the dance floor will be open.

Some guy in a red suit may show up as well!

In addition to wing members and Alumni, elected officials and other members of the community support team are invited to attend We only have two UTAs to get everyone lined up for the party. Please purchase your tickets and make your plans to attend now!

Current members of the wing should purchase their tickets from their squadron sales reps during the November UTA.

Tickets are $25 each for Alumni and community supporters.  Make check payable to the 908th Airlift Wing and mail to:

908 AW/PA

401 W. Maxwell Blvd

Maxwell AFB AL 36112

Call (334) 953-6804 if you have any questions.