Editorial: "Viewer Feedback: Surprise, Surprise"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Our editorial earlier this week focusing on the continued federal government shutdown and looming debt ceiling crisis elicited the following feedback via emails received and comments on wsfa.com and our WSFA 12 News station Facebook page…here is just a sampling:

Shannon responded:"Both parties have fault and they do need to work together and remember that they should represent their constituents, not just their political interests. Cooperation is paramount."

Michael provided the following, "I released a very similar opinion on my Facebook page last week, and mine might have been more of a rant. This is not a problem of the right or the left; it is a lack of middle."

Nancy writes, "And Americans, remember all of this, when your elections roll around, and vote accordingly. Get ALL the fat cats out of Washington and start over, clean slate! Pay attention to what your politician is saying and vote the person and policy and not the party. This goes for all party members!!!"

Lastly Rosalyn adds, "I agree with you and most of America that it is time to call a timeout on the blame game as America airs its dirty laundry to the entire world. As an advocate for others for over 35 years with a Masters in Counseling, I am quite familiar with the art of negotiation so I make this suggestion somewhat sarcastically. Why not have a "SHUT IN," better yet, a "LOCK IN" for members of Congress. Deprive them of food, medication and the mere basics of everyday life until they do what they were hired to do. After all isn't this what they are doing to many who are affected or may be affected as a result of them failing to do their jobs?

As always, we encourage and appreciate your feedback.

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