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MPS Interim Superintendent not seeking permanent position


All in a week's work, Margaret Allen has taken the reigns of the Montgomery Public School system at perhaps the most crucial time.

"It's been really busy, but a good busy," says Allen.

She has had meetings with teachers, principals, parents and even the State Department of Education as the system takes cues from State Superintendent Dr. Tommy Bice.

"Dr. Bice just set a very positive tone for us to just be able to listen and hear what steps we needed to follow and get clarity on those steps," says Allen.

Bice says the state will work with MPS for three years, devoting more than 30 State Department of Education employees to work within the school system.

Allen says the meeting with state officials unified MPS administrators.

"We all left feeling ok, we can do this and this will help us," says Allen.

But is it good enough for her to seek the permanent superintendent role?

"Today, no. Hahaha. I've been asked that a number of times and I tell individuals one day at a time."

She says she is less than a year from retirement and jumping back in would only be an option "if I felt led. There ya go. I'd have to be really led...Hahaha."

Allen says she is focused on strong guidance and leadership.

She says she sent a note to all the MPS employees encouraging them to get along and respect each other as well as simply do their job for the good of the children.

No word yet on when the search for a new superintendent will begin.

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