Transcript: Troy's Blakeney on come-from-behind win - Montgomery Alabama news.

Transcript: Troy's Blakeney on come-from-behind win

Luckily we're sitting here talking about a win, another win, another close win, another come-from-behind win.  The ending was certainly positive for us.  We're still playing hard and pretty well in some spots.  I thought we got some good performance from our front four against these guys.  We got too many penalties; most of those were P.I.'s on defense.  We probably were a little impatient at times offensively, but when people play you like they played us it causes you to be a little impatient.  But we finally, (offensive coordinator) Kenny (Edenfield) finally got in-sync with what they were doing and we made some big plays off of the flood route and sort of generated some energy and we were able to hang on and stop them on defense enough to get the job done.  It's a great venue.  I thought we had a good turnout from our people.  You can put 20,000 in there and it looks like it's empty.  Any win is a good win when you're chasing opportunities in the conference race and chasing opportunities in the bowl situation.  I've told our guys, I've told y'all, what I saw on tape was not a 0-5 team, running around and making plays.  Number two might be the best football player in the league, overall.  He and Eric (Thomas) are certainly two guys that I would nominate.  I've seen some more that I would nominate too.  I searched him out after the game to congratulate him on his efforts for their team.  Trent Miles has done a good job already.  They have good coaches and personnel that are good enough to win in this league.  I think they'll make something happen before the year's out, but certainly over a period of time, if allowed, he'll get it done.

Surprised with how close the game was?

Not at all.  We were without two starters on defense for the first half, which we all know the story behind that, which is a saga.  Then we had three starters (on offense) that stayed home due to injury in (BJ) Chitty, Chandler (Worthy) and (Antonio) Garcia.  So we're smarting from some injuries.  I think Dalton Bennett played 102 snaps.  That's a lot of snaps. 

What does it say about the team, that they struggled but still found a way to win?

I don't know that we had such a bad day.  I thought our front four really played good.  Our front seven really played good.  We made some plays across the board defensively.  I heard Lou Holtz talking about tackling and playing the ball in the air.  That's two things that you gotta do on defense in this day and age.  If you don't tackle well and play the ball in the air then you have some problems.  And we have problems in that regard, that we're trying to rectify.  I think that sometimes it's a natural thing almost.  To get wins when you're playing against a team, whether you're dinged up or whether you're not having your best day or maybe you've misevaluated, mentally, your opponent.  Whatever it is, to get a win instead of the other thing is a lot better.

Biggest difference up front this season?

Guys.  Numbers.  Marty Stadom played probably his best game.  (Shermane) TeArt played really good.  (Antonio) Gillespie certainly made a lot of things happen and played good.  But we've got guys that we can count on that we can put in there and give them a spell every now and again, so they're usually pretty fresh and not totally worn down in the clutch.  I think that's part of it.  I think experience.  Most of those guys are guys that have been around and have played a bunch of games.  I think that's helped us tremendously.

How will you use this bye week?

Id' like to get somebody well.  It doesn't look like (Antonio) Garcia is going to make it, he might have surgery. The pulled muscle guys, I don't know how to predict that.  I think that's it.  We have three guys that are hurting on offense.  Eric (Thomas) got his hand stomped, so we have to work with that too.  At this time of year, if you're playing a good schedule, which I think we do, you're gonna be dinged up a little bit.  You just have to make sure you're doing your part as a player, you gotta go treat, you gotta treat more than once a day.  If you're close to well, go as you can, but you need to be out there and you need to be training your mind and your body to get back to the level that it takes to be a winning player on Saturday.  Until we can get them to that point where they'll get back out there and learn how to execute the plan, whatever that plan is, then we'll have to compensate.  I mentioned our left tackle played over 100 snaps.  Tommy (Stephens) played, at right guard, the most snaps he's ever played in a game.  We're alternating around in there.  We're playing eight or nine guys, but we're still missing Garcia. Hopefully we'll get him back.

How do you teach the defense differently?

I don't think you teach them anything differently.  Sometimes its natural, being able to play the ball in the air.  Confidence, that you're going to be in the right place.  Understanding how to move to the receiver and look back without getting out of position, then timing yourself to go for the ball.  It's not easy.  I think you gotta work on it in practice.  I think you gotta practice feeling that receiver.  In man-to-man coverage, if you're running on an outside release, you've had to turn your back to the ball.  You have to have the ability to stay up with the receiver.  One little misstep and he's gonna get leverage on you, if the quarterback puts it in the right place then you have problems.  Then you complicate that with the back shoulder fade, which is virtually uncoverable.  They know they're gonna throw the back shoulder and you don't know.  So you don't know if you need to slow down or speed up.  If you feel him slowing down then you better get ready for back shoulder.  It's sort of, over the last five or six years, that pass has come into the NFL and into college.  It's a problem.

Is this where you expected to be at this point? (4-3, 2-1 SBC)

I'd like to be undefeated in the league.  It hasn't happened, with the loss at Arkansas State.  Scheduling is paramount.  How you have to approach it.  Again, looking at two road trips, back-to-back in our league.  Not anything I can do about it, not anything anybody can do about it except prepare well and go play.  It's probably the best defense in the league that we'll play, the next time we play, as far as what I can see.  I've watched a little bit this morning. They're confident, they're old, they got experience, they got players that can run, a good scheme.  They'll be difficult.  We'll have to execute well and play well and play hard to score enough points to win the game.

Good to have off week?

I'm about ready for one.  I don't know about the players, I think they are too.  We're pretty beat up.  That's about what we are.  We've been in some tough games, we've been in some close games.  We've won a couple, we lost one in the league.  Of course the Mississippi State game was a physical game also, which added to the situation.  You gotta deal with the schedule, whatever it offers you.  We gotta make sure we get some rest this week.  We gotta get some things done practice wise this week.  We have to get a lot of things done academically this week.  It's college football, you gotta do it all.  We're working on academics today and tomorrow.  We'll practice tonight and tomorrow afternoon. 

INFORMATION SOURCE: Troy Athletics Dept.

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