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Mother of alleged rape victim releases recordings

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New insight is being offered into the rape investigation out of Maryville.

Outrage over the case prompted the prosecutor to ask for an independent review. The prosecutor said charges were dropped because the victim's family wouldn't talk, but now the victim's mother released audio tapes that she says prove they did want to testify.

The secret recordings raise even more questions about the timeline of Daisy Coleman's alleged sexual assault case.

The recordings are hard to follow and sometimes hard to hear. KCTV5 cannot independently verify when they were recorded, nor the voices heard speaking on them. They do, though, reinforce just how complicated and tense the case has been.

"I think I want to testify," Melinda Coleman is heard saying.

Coleman's voice is the only one KCTV5 can verify in a series of secret recordings she said she made in late May 2012. She said she's speaking with Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice about the handling of her daughter Daisy's case.

"Yeah, I feel like we haven't been on the same team," Coleman said.

Rice said the Colemans pled the 5th during a sworn deposition and that, without their testimony, he couldn't prosecute the 17-year-old accused of raping Daisy when she was 14. Coleman said her recordings prove otherwise.

"We were always willing to testify, in fact I didn't even know about the first deposition, I found out about that like a week ago, the one before you dropped the initial charges," Coleman is heard saying on the recordings.

Coleman said she's talking to Rice about the felony charges dropped in March 2012 for sexual assault and exploitation. She said she only plead the 5th after they were dropped on the remaining misdemeanor charge of child endangerment and that she only did that to protect her daughter.

"The psychiatrist had said it wasn't good for my daughter to testify because she had already been suicidal," Coleman is heard saying.

But Coleman said she soon changed her mind and returned to say that she would testify and those are the conversations she said are on the tapes.

"It's not that we didn't ever want to testify. Somebody's lying to us," she said.

A voice that Coleman said is Rice is heard promising a new deposition, likely that July and saying he wants the chance to speak directly with Daisy.

"I've never had a criminal case before where I had to go through, with my own victim, I had to go through counsel to able to talk to them," he is heard saying.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Rice was adamant about the family's refusal to cooperate, but said he can't offer proof because the case is sealed.

"Trust me when I say I would love to show you that document, but there's a statute that says I can't," he said.

In the tapes Coleman also mentions a deposition she thought she'd miss. The man who she says is Rice is heard telling her that she never missed a deposition on the felony charges.

Rice released a short statement Friday saying he has asked the court to appoint a special prosecutor to take another look at the case, and that while witnesses can claim whatever they want, by law, he can't comment anymore.

Click here to read a partial transcription of the recordings given to KCTV5 by Coleman.

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