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Local businesses win big with Chiefs' winning record


The Kansas City Chiefs hot start to this season is getting fans pumped up and opening up their wallets.

Fans don't have to be inside Arrowhead Stadium to feel the Chiefs fever.

"Everybody's cheering together, everybody's hollering together. It is a great experience to be out with other fans," Chiefs fan Donna Gordon said.

For others, just enjoy being around a bunch of Chiefs fans is a good feeling, sharing the thrill of watching their home team jump to 7-0.

"For the first time in my tenure being here on planet Earth, the Kansas City Chiefs are a three-dimensional football team," Joe Ryan said.

And businesses like Granfalloon Bar & Grill on the Country Club Plaza are getting their own bump from the chief's streak.

"It seems like everybody's spending more money. We're obviously out on a Sunday when we normally wouldn't be," Gordon said.

It is a good time to be selling anything red and gold too.

"We don't usually buy this kind of stuff, but because they're doing well, we're just going to spend the quick money," Gale Lawton said.

Rally House is cashing in on the Chiefs later start-time too, as fans grab their gear to make sure everyone knows who they stand for.

"When they start at 3 p.m., people come in the morning before the game," sales associate Bryan Fregeau said. "When teams are doing well, people take more pride in the city, I think.  They're happy that they're from Kansas City, and they want to show off that they're a fan of that team."

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