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Jacksonville mom accused of custodial interference

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Jennifer Orr. Source: Calhoun County Sheriff's Office Jennifer Orr. Source: Calhoun County Sheriff's Office

A Jacksonville mom has been accused of meeting kids online and hanging out with them while they were using drugs.  

The official charge is interfering with custody, a misdemeanor, because she was meeting the kids without their parents' permission, according to Calhoun County Sheriff Larry Amerson. More charges are expected, but it is unclear what those charges might be.

Sheriff Amerson says parents of a 14-year-old boy told them Orr picked up their 14-year-old boy and took him away from his home their permission.  He says a short time later, a deputy found her car and found the 14-year-old inside.

Orr is accused of hanging out with kids ranging in ages of 14 to 16 sometimes as late as 4 a.m. Amerson says she was meeting the kids on Facebook and other social media sites.

She would lie about her age, telling the kids she was 18 or 22, instead of her actual age of 37, according to the sheriff.

Amerson says he believes she was with the teens during drug activity on more than one occasion and he says she admits to witnessing an overdose.

"In the interview with Ms. Orr, she described being at a house where a young man overdosed. But no one was notified, no medical, no law enforcement, and the family was not notified about that event, as well," Amerson said.

The sheriff says investigators have spoken to Orr and parents so far. He plans on interviewing the kids, as well.

Sheriff Amerson is looking for more kids that might have spent time with Orr. Call the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department if you can help with the investigation.

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