Editorial: "Viewer Feedback: Responsibility"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Our editorial last week focusing on ASU's response to the recently released preliminary forensic audit elicited the following feedback via emails received and comments on wsfa.com and our WSFA 12 News station Facebook page…here is just a sampling:

Sheila responded:"Wow...This board has shown a blatant and utter disregard for all that is fair and just.....and to add insult to intelligence...That same body has the AUDACITY to cry foul."

David provided the following, "Thank you for your editorial on ASU and the attitude of the leaders. Maybe one day the college will be able to educate the students without all the greed and fighting over public image. We the taxpayers are footing the bill. Don't stop now; uncover all the greed and wrongdoings so the college can get back to being a reputable educational institution."

Larry writes, "As someone who has conducted many audits in the government sector, I have seen this kind of behavior more times than I can count.  It's like there is a manual out there and the denial/point the finger at someone else process is the preferred process.  Sadly, it works many times.  When those in charge disregard laws, rules and regulations, this is what happens."

Lastly Betty adds, "This should be a great concern to all citizens of this state, and especially for the students at ASU. Gov. Bentley made the right decision to go forward with this investigation and the idea of trying to blame our governor is absurd. The guilty parties are only trying to divert attention away from themselves and it's not going to work. Investigate!!"

As always, we encourage and appreciate your feedback.

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