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Parents question costumes for girls as being too 'sexy'

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- With Halloween only 2 days away some parents are still having a hard time finding a costume that's appropriate for their child.

Parents are saying costumes for girls tend to be too sexy for their child. The owner of Golden Grotto said the "sexy costume" trend is becoming a thing of the past but most parents would disagree.   

"I think it's a little provocative and it's little too short and skimpy," said mother, Nicole Holtz.

For most kids, finding the perfect Halloween costume is critical but when it comes to girl costumes some parents just want them covered up.

"I think Halloween costumes for little girls are definitely inappropriate. It's very hard to find something that is appropriate anymore, you almost have to go the point of making it yourself," said Tami Philhour.

 But Mcilvoy said this year more girls want to be a princess.

"Sexy is the trend that's shying away in across the whole board even in, even in the adult line it's not nearly as prevalent as it was," he said.

Misty Churchwell said her daughter will not be dressing up this year.

"She's 13 so she has to wear the adult type stuff and I mean I would rather she not dress up at all if she has to wear that stuff," she said.

She says parents must learn to tell their child "no."

"If it's not something you would let them wear to school why would you let them wear it out on the streets," Churchwell said.

And she is not alone. Tami Philhours said she's worried the costumes will get worse every year.

"I have a niece and she still wants to be Strawberry Shortcake and things like that right now but as each year passes I just dread what it's going to be," Philhours said. 

But Mcilvoy said this year more customer are coming in for accessories so more parents might be making their own costume.

"A lot of accessories more than usual, normally in economic hard times accessories are a more viable thing," he said.

He said this year girls are dressing up as characters from Monster High and Disney princesses. For boys, it's all about the Ninja Turtles.


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